Chalkware Restoration:

Many of us may have a specimen of a chalkware bust in our collection that we feel is in need of restoration.  The typical bust which is usually 60 to 80 years of age has been damaged from a fall or handling, or had some of it's paint fade, chip or flake off due to the elements.  In some cases a previous owner may of applied makeup or repainted the bust poorly to hide some minor or major blemishes.

In the world of collectables and antiques there is always some discussion of the merits of "restoring" an item.  I believe the same arguments apply to chalkware collectables.  My personal opinion is that only non Esther Hunt busts with a rating "1 Esther" or less (see rating) should be restored, but that's only my opinion and there may be some very valid reasons to have any bust restored.  The decision to restore or not to restore is yours, but you should give it some careful thought before you do it.

If you do want to have a chalkware bust restored, two things are important:

A Successful Restoration Story:     The Larw Tom Lovelace asked me if I had a chalkware bust he could restore to give as a gift to a friend for Christmas.  I had a large chalkware bust that I bought many years ago for $10 that was definitely less then a "1 Esther", but  had great potential if it was properly restored to its younger days.   I shipped the bust to Tom and his restoration began.   View the photos and you will see why I asked Tom if he had an interest in restoration work for other collectors, for I knew he had the love of these collectables, and by looking at the photos you will see he has the talent plus the ability.  So, here was a successful restoration of a once tired, battered  chalkware bust. 

Click here for Pictures of Tom's Christmas Gift Restoration

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